Posted on Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Oh My God!! I was just struck by the awareness that I’m working in a building which happens to be hazardous... A pound (in terms of weight) to guess why?? All the fire exits on my floor happen to be kept bolted by locks the size of my arms (just a figure of speech..It’s actually bigger).Wonder what is kept safe at the stairs!!

For heavens, hells & earths sake, doesn’t anyone recognize the Danger with a capital D that it poses? Let’s just see in our mind's eye the cost if fire suddenly decides to lap this building. The vision itself speaks volumes. And me being me, out of the blue decide to report this to the risk to the authorities who oversee occupational health & safety...

ah well, I can envision the drill this building will go through. Let’s see, I would give myself till lunch to then make up my mind what should be my follow up about this. Till then, I hope the alarms at the fire department would not go off. Cheers

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